Tips & FAQ.

Plan first, then get started:

1. Checklist

2. How to pack well.

  • Usually packing takes longer than people first think. Give yourself enough time. Use the opportunity to clear out and leave anything behind that you no longer need. You’ll soon realise: Life is easier with less baggage…
  • Be generous with the packing material: cardboard boxes which fall apart when lifted or which cannot be gripped properly are no fun for anybody.
  • Order enough packing material. We’ll take back what you don’t need. You can order packing material directly from us.
  • Remember that someone also has to carry all these boxes: fill them so that they can still be closed and carried (maximum 20 kg).
  • Label each box (content and place they are intended for e.g. «kitchen», «bedroom» etc.). We will provide you with appropriate labels for this.
  • Do not use refuse bags as transport containers. Firstly, they cannot be stacked and secondly they could be mistaken for real waste bags and end up in the rubbish.
  • When packing fragile items remember that newspaper stains. Use tissue paper or scrap paper instead. If you move with Christ, you can order all packing material from us.
  • You can fill any spaces in the boxes with clothes, bed linen or kitchen linen. Pictures can also be well protected with bed linen.
  • We recommend cardboard corner protectors so that the corners of flat-screen TVs, pictures and mirrors are not damaged.
  • When moving it is best to place plants in cardboard boxes which you leave open, depending on the size of the plant. Remember that the insurance cannot cover the financial risks e.g. freezing, lack of water etc. in connection with the transporting of plants.

3. Frequently Asked Questions – and their answers.

«When should I get in contact with the removal company if I am planning to move?»
The earlier, the better – depending on the destination.

«How does it work if I would like a quote for my removal from Christ?»
If necessary, we shall visit your accommodation in order to assess the volume and the services you would like (packing, disassembling, packing material etc.). Furthermore, we discuss the possible timing of your removal. You then receive the quote a few days later. To the request for a quote…

«How much does a removal with Christ cost?»
The price depends on various factors: transport volumes, destination (distance), additional services, deadlines, special circumstances. For larger removals we decide after consultation with the customer whether a premove survey (e.g. when transporting pianos) to the accommodation is wise. The survey and the quote are, of course, free of charge and non-binding. After visiting your flat or your house we can estimate the costs and draw up a quote. To the request for a quote…

«What level of support do I receive from Christ as regards handling customs formalities?»
We know how the inventories and forms have to be completed, which products you may and may not import into which countries and which costs arise. You can receive more information in the customs formalities section.

«Do I really have to write a packing list?»
A packing list must be created for international removals. You can do this yourself or Christ can do it for you.

«If I am moving to another country, which goods can I expect to have an import ban or an import restriction?»
In most countries, food stuffs, alcoholic drinks, medicines, fire arms and ammunition, pets and products from animals which are threatened with extinction, pornographic material, vehicles as well as dangerous goods (flammable, caustic, corrosive, explosive) are subject to import bans or restrictions. You can find more links under import regulations.

«Do I have to pay taxes or fees when importing new, unused equipment and appliances?»
New and unused equipment and appliance are usually not cleared through customs as removal goods.

«What can I import into Switzerland as removal goods?»
You can import used household goods duty and tax-free if these goods have been in your possession for at least the last 6 months. You must be able to present all the necessary documents to the Swiss customs authorities for this. Furthermore you can import a maximum of 200 litres of wine and 12 litres of alcoholic drinks with over 25% volume, duty and tax-free. In this case, the Swiss customs authorities require a detailed list. An import licence is required for weapons and ammunition. You can find more information and links in the import regulations section.

«Which documents do I need in order to carry my removal goods into Switzerland?»
You must be able to present the following documents at all times: packing list (inventory), copy of your passport, copy of your employment certificate or registration form, copy of your rental contract for your flat or house, two originals of Swiss customs form 18.44, work permit for non-EU citizens. You can find more information under customs formalities

«Do I have to take out transport insurance before the removal?»
We strongly recommend this. Although we do everything in our power to protect your removal goods, we cannot control all external effects. With our insurance partner «Zürich» Versicherung, we can offer you beneficial conditions thanks to the low claims history.

«Who is liable for damage during the removal?»
All transport companies (shipping companies and air freight companies etc.) have various limited liabilities. It is therefore essential that the transport insurance covers the entire transport (from door to door). By doing this you save yourself a lot of anger, frustration and money. Further information as well as other links can be found under insurance.

«How does groupage transport work?»
With groupage trucks we transport your belongings as well as those of other people who are moving at the same time, in the same removal van or we combine with somebody moving the opposite way. Obviously, each party’s removal goods are strictly separated so that there is no confusion. Our removal team are professionals in the field of groupage transport and know what to do so that each customer can finally receive their own furniture.

…you can pack with.

When you relocate with Christ and pack your home contents yourself, we supply you with strong and practical packing material. Read more…

We pack. And unpack.

If you cannot or do not want to pack your home contents yourself before the removal, we will be happy to do this for you. Read more…

Everything spick and span. And almost as good as new.

Once all boxes are packed, next on the list is the final cleaning of the flat or house as the special “treat”. Read more…