Padded and air-suspended.

Our vehicles comply with the EURO 6 pollution standard. They are regularly serviced and are in impeccable condition. We operate full load transport in order to use our vehicles to their full capacity and to optimise the logistics.

We check the air pressure in the tyres each month in order to keep fuel consumption and thus the CO2 emissions to a minimum. Our employees undergo training to be able to drive the vehicles in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Your removal goods are in safe hands in our vehicles. All removal vans have air suspension and are padded. Moreover, they are equipped with sufficient woollen blankets, trolleys and sack trucks so that the removal can be carried out professionally.

What is Euro-6?

Further information: The European emission standard Euro-6 on

Environmental protection as a business goal.

We have integrated environmental protection and a sustainable use of resources into our business processes. Read more…