Everything for the cat. And for the dog.

If you are moving with pets, we organise suitable transport boxes for you. Depending on how long the journey is, you should make your pet as comfortable as possible and give it food, water, a toy and blanket in the box.

If you move to another district, clarify before moving which regulations apply there (for example breed regulations, mandatory leashing of dogs, etc). Make sure that you are allowed to keep pets at all at your new address. If you are moving abroad, find out in good time about the import regulations for pets in the country of your choice.

Useful links.

Journeys/moving with pets, dogs and cats as well as protection of species:
Swiss Federal Customs Authority (Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung, EZV)

Importing and exporting of pets:
Federal veterinary office (Bundesamt für Veterinärwesen BVET)

Information from Swiss tourism (Schweiz Tourismus): switzerland.isyours.com

Information from the Institute for interdisciplinary Research of the Human-Animal Relationship (IEMT, Institut für interdisziplinäre Erforschung der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung) including attachment to the rent contract as a PDF (in German): www.iemt.ch