Partners & Memberships.

In collaboration with our partners and as part of our networks we use relationships, experience and know-how.


We are a member of the Swiss road transport association ASTAG.

Confern removal partner

With over 60 partners in over 70 locations the Confern group is one of the largest removal companies operating in Europe. The group carries out individual removals which are tailored to the requirements of the customer – right from planning right through to quality control. More than 1,000 furniture vehicles, around 2,100 employees and a modern communication network ensure more than 35,000 removals run smoothly every year.


Europe’s leading regional removal companies are organised in EUROVAN. The businesses use the advantages of the network to be able to satisfy the increasing demand for international removals as best as possible. In close cooperation the partners can guarantee the high quality standards which their customers value them for, even in international removals.

Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, Inc.

The HHGFAA is a world-wide association of forwarders and removal companies. The association has around 1,800 member companies from more than 160 countries which regularly come together to exchange information on service and quality standards in the sector and to define applicable guidelines for these standards for all members.

FEDEMAC – European Movers

FEDEMAC is the umbrella organisation of the European movers industry and represents approx. 5,000 removal firms. Promoting international exchange amongst employees, which is supported through the organisation of regular events, is one of the organisation’s important tasks. Another of FEDEMAC’s important duties is the harmonisation of the market.

Partner / Memberships.