Environmental protection as a business goal.

Despite the fact that we use the latest, modern vehicles, they still emit CO2. We re-use our packing material as much as possible but trees still have to be felled for it.

We reduce CO2 emissions in the areas which we can influence through environmentally responsible activities. We have integrated environmental protection and a sustainable use of resources into our business processes.

How we work in detail:

  • Vehicles: Our fleet of cars is regularly serviced and is in impeccable condition. Read more…
  • Logistics: We avoid empty trips and operate groupage transports, if possible, so that the capacity utilisation of our vehicles is as high as possible.
  • Disposal: We use the same cardboard boxes and other packing material several times. We then separate the waste and, if possible, recycle it.
  • Energy: We use energy-saving lighting and avoid stand-by operation.
  • Supply: We work together with suppliers from the region. We ensure that they maintain a business culture which is oriented towards environmental aspects. If possible, we use environmentally-friendly products such as recycled cardboard and paper as well as bubble wrap which can be separated into paper and plastic after use.
  • Photovoltaics: We invest in photovoltaic systems through our «relationship» to Christ Deutschland Christ produces approx. 1.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity on both its own and rented roof areas in Germany each year.
  • procosara.orgPro Cosara: We are actively involved in virgin forest protection and support the organisation Pro Cosara. It supports the protection of the Atlantic rain forest in South East Paraguay. For every removal over 5,000 CHF or more we negotiate a rainforest tree sponsorship to the value of 30 CHF with Pro Cosara in your name and you receive a personal certificate.