Isabelle D. CH-Hasle – CAN-Mirabel

I’m very glad that she was the first one to call, the woman was extremely nice, polite and professional on the phone and her degree of expertise and knowledge convinced me. She then sent a team to come and evaluate the household to be moved and they convinced me as well, I felt that I could trust them. The whole move was planned over 3 days, as it was a very complicated situation with 3 different places where the things had to be moved to and they not only finished earlier but even helped me to pack some extra boxes. Everything went according to plan. During the whole time, the woman in the office was a constant support, answering all my questions, being helpful and very pleasant. The price is according to the market, not cheap but not overly expensive. For me, that service was worth every rappen! They transformed this very demanding move into an agreeable experience and I will be forever thankful for that.

  • Extremely competent
  • a company you can trust

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